We have been designers for 16 years (20, to be more precise, but 16 together, at the studio), living a profession that requires us, day in and day out, to conduct a creative and emotional dialogue for someone or something that we don’t even know, but which has a need to create communication, and our role is that of mediator.
A designer’s work is almost always motivated by an external factor, but the moment it leaves the door of the studio it presents us with a dream, a concept, a vision, and we are left alone with this precious thing, and each time we ask ourselves anew – how and what do we do with it this time?
How do we make it happen? How do we approach it? How do we make others understand? How do we make sure it’s unlike anything else? How do we make it beautiful? How do we create a new thing that is related to the time and place in which it is intended to function? How do we make sure the client will like it? How do we feel? How do we succeed? …
The process is difficult and fraught with distress, deliberations, dilemmas and discussions that are sometimes exhausting and frustrating but usually culminate in a unique and one-of-a-kind creation originating in a dialogue which starts with a concept that undergoes a process of disassembly, abstraction and reassembly, acquires a life of its own and is sent out into the world equipped with everything that we were able to give it, and attempts to function independently.
The satisfaction and pride when it succeeds drives the entire difficult and Sisyphean process each time, and keeps us in this wonderful and insane profession.